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alcohol and rosacea

by Finola Fegan |

While on holday recently i came across the blog It seems now to be defunct which is a pity because her blog was actually quite funny and she had a brilliant take on modern day society which tell us how to live cleaner, leaner, better lives..

But then she gets down to the business of alcohol and what exactly it is doing to your skin and the visible reality of what it was doing to her skin.. It is a pity that alcohol is so closely related to rosacea when in effect it is not widely seen as the biggest rosacea trigger.

That prize goes to UV or ordinary regular sunlight..

But back to alcohol as she so rightly list its drawbacks – it causes inflammation, dehydrates, disrupts our blood sugar which in turn can give us mood swings and disrupt sleep, gunks up our liver, interferes with the metabolism of nutrients etc etc.

Alcohol can also cause those small red thread veins on the face which are caused by expanding blood vessels


It actually inflames the human tissue and this creates a histamine reaction which creates redness and flushing..

If you do give up alcohol the good thing about it is that your skin like any organ can bounce back.

If however you do want to drink then the thing to so is choose your drink wisely. As a general rule the clearer the alcohol the better.. Just drink less – when youre twenty you can metabolise alcohol more quickly. When youre forty your metabolism has slowed and alcohol takes longer to clear from your system. The lower your intake of alcohol the less damage to your skin.. Because alcohol is so dehydrating on the skin it is really important if you want to take a drink then mix with water or alternate your clear alcohol with glasses of water.

Alcohol also contains lots of sugars, which damage the DNA and collagen in the skin- so as well as giving us the characteristic rosacea redness it will lead to premature ageing and general skin damage. It also depletes healthy levels of important bacteria that live in the gut. This bacteria helps to regulate our immune system which is important in managing imflammatory skin conditions like rosacea. So it really is a vicious circle...

So switch prosecco for nosecco and see how your face will thank you for it...

Love Finola

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