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Celebs with Rosacea and What They Can Teach Us

by Finola Fegan |

Celebs with rosacea even model turned actress Cameron Diaz has rosacea with flare ups and super sensitive skin

How Cameron Diaz Deals With Rosacea

“Whenever I don’t have to wear make-up it’s a good day”- Cameron Diaz said about her rosacea. This Hollywood beauty may seem unlikely to have acne rosacea because of her flawless complexion on screen. But, the star is one of the celebrities battling against rosacea.

She confessed in the Parade Magazine that she is suffering from subtype 2 rosacea. (So anyone out there with her mobile number please tell her about my sub type 2 serum. It will work a treat for her particular type of rosacea!! Previously, Cameron was using harsh exfoliants, anti biotics and a notoriously bad diet, before switching to clean eating and super gentle skincare along with high spf sunscreen.

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Sam Smith debuted with his song, Stay With Me, and revealed in U.S. Weekly that he is living with rosacea. He also mentioned that French red wine is his favorite drink — which may contribute to his condition. As supported by the National Rosacea Survey, red wine is one of the triggers for rosacea flare ups. So learn from Sam, stay off the red wine if at all possible.At this time of year a fresh white wine spritzer with soda is a better option for rosaceans.

How Donald Trump Treats Rosacea

There's the Donald. According to his doctor he is on a hair growth drug - that explains a lot - but he also has long term prescription for a long-acting tetracycline, a common antibiotic, to control rosacea. - generally used for sub type 2 rosacea. Mind you, when I watch him on TV I also wonder is there any other medications that he is not letting on about?

How Nixon Deals With Rosacea

Cynthia Nixon, just looks like the poster girl for someone who would go on to develop rosacea type 1. She says “Rosacea might always be on your mind but it doesn’t have to be in your face” The Sex in the City star suffered with red, inflamed skin for years before being diagnosed with a mild form of rosacea. She takes oral medications, and uses gentle rosacea skin care to prevent flare-ups.

Nixon is also aware of her rosacea triggers. She limits doing exercise, drinking red wine and eating spicy foods. She also practices yoga to keep her stress at bay. Because of her condition, she takes on her rosacea treatment not just for herself, but for the other people living with rosacea. Nixon now is the spokesperson of the National Rosacea Society, which educates the public about the disease. I like this woman!

Finally for those who believe that rosacea is only a modern-day problem, they’re mistaken, because it is believed that 17th century Dutch painter Rembrandt van Ridjn suffered from rosacea. It seems hard to believe that he had rosacea because the diagnosis came out centuries after his death.

A researcher from Georgetown University studied Rembrandt’s 1659 self-portrait. In 1997 he reported at The Lancet, a British medical journal that the painter had an enlarged nose, spider veins and acne like breakouts, which are all signs of subtypes 1, 2 and 3 rosacea.

Rosacea can leave us all a bit obsessed and Rembrandt was no different from the rest of us. He produced almost 100 self portraits. By comparison Ruben (who was a prolific painter) produced seven self portraits. So there you have it, these celebs can after all teach us something.

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They have access to the very best treatment money can buy and yet very often it comes down to:

  • being aware of your own personal triggers
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