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Control Rosacea at Christmas

by Finola Fegan |

Tips to get you through the Christmas season

Yes you are in good rosacea company this Christmas, the man himself - Santa, Renee Zelwegger, Cameron Diaz, Bill Clinton, Alex Ferguson all suffer from the condition but what can be done to help when the season is a mine field of alcohol, roaring fires, brisk outdoor walks, a few simple strategies can help you get into the festive spirit without constantly checking your complexion.

Two of the big Christmas rosacea triggers - roaring fires and alcohol can really play havoc on your skin. Dont underestimate either of them but if i had to choose which one is the worst culprit, then its dry overheated air caused by central heating and roaring fires which will contribute more to your hot flushed, stinging skin.

From my own experience, my father is now in his eighties and my mother keeps the house extremely warm. The central heating is never off and within twenty minutes of visiting i can feel my face beginning to tighten. Sure enough, glancing in the mirror i am confronted with growing redness and irritated looking skin. So when in your own home, turn down the temperature and keep your distance from the hearth.

Put a container of water on each radiator or place your washing on the radiators to dry. Both simple measures will help type 1 rosacea sufferers. So here's my top tips to reduce Christmas rosacea redness: 

  • Place water on top of rads. 
  • Avoid red wine - vodka and soda might be better alternative, have fun experimenting. 
  • Dehydration leads to flare ups - drink plenty of water especially when drinking alcohol, alternate between alcohol and water. 
  • Use a heavier moisturizer or add our finca type 1 serum to your usual moisturizer or else try our winter balm. 

When outside, muffle up, put a scarf as high up on your face as possible covering the nose. Turn down the heat when travelling in the car and close the vents - don't let hot dry air blow into your face but above all, relax, its Christmas. 

Heres to all of you who take a few moments out to read our blog. Hopefully you find it helpful. May you all have a happy Christmas and I look forward to talking to you all in the New Year.