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Ivermectin: Side Effects and Alternatives | The Must Read Guide

by Finola Fegan |

In the US, the Ivermectin drug Soolantra costs around $390 for a supply of just 30 grams, and is only available on prescription in Ireland. 

So you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's without side effects and 100% effective, but is it?

In this guide we try to answer all your questions about the drug:

  • Could this laboratory-produced product be harmful?
  • Are you confident that this chemical is really the best thing to apply on your rosacea?
  • Are there no alternatives to this drug which can help?

Read on, as we uncover the truth about Soolantra and Ivermectin...


What Is Soolantra and Ivermectin?

Soolantra itself is a once-daily, antibiotic-free topical prescription and is approved for the treatment of inflammatory lesions or bumps and pimples of type 2 rosacea. The active ingredient in Soolantra is 1% ivermectin in a mild base cream.

Soolantra first got FDA approval in late 2014 and has been a real godsend to those with type 2 rosacea. Its effectiveness for the vast majority of type 2 sufferers is proven and well known – as is the price of Soolantra.

$300 - £400 for just a small tube, one that lasts only around a month... is it worth it? 

The cost of Soolantra is rarely covered by medical insurance and that can be so frustrating for rosacea sufferers who absolutely need it to live any kind of normal social, work and personal life.

I wish there was a cheaper alternative...
Big Pharma Money There Is!

So it's expensive, but it works perfectly! Right?

Soolantra is not without some major side effects. 

The most common of these include:

  • Burning sensations on the skin (as many as 10% of patients)
  • Skin irritation
  • Dryness
  • Eye itchiness
  • Red eye

What about if I'm pregnant?

For pregnant mothers, it is very important that you take extreme care when using Ivermectin.

It should really only be used during pregnancy if its benefit to the mother justifies its potential risks to the fetus, which it rarely does.

Adequate and well-controlled studies with ivermectin cream have not been conducted in pregnant women.

Taking Soolantra when you're pregnant isn't a good idea
Pregnancy Medication Try A Pregnancy-Friendly Cream!

Okay, but it's fine to go back on it after, right?


Because of the potential for serious adverse reactions from Ivermectin cream in nursing infants, it is strongly recommended for mothers to stop taking the drug immediately.

Why We Turn To Soolantra and Ivermectin

One of the great features of Soolantra is that it is not an antibiotic. This removes the risk of patients building up an anitbiotic resistance to the drug, unlike with an antibiotic topical cream or oral medication. 

Ivermectin has actually been used for years in veterinary medicine to kill off parasites in animals - this is where the inspiration came from for human use.

Ultimately, the observation that people with type 2, (acne) rosacea have an over-abundance of demodex mites led to the first human trials. 

What on earth is a demodex mite?

Demodex mites are tiny microorganisms that live on the skin of all mammals naturally - it would be weird if you didn't have any!

These mites come out at night to feed on the natural oil the skin produces (called sebum) and to mate with other skin mites. Their life cycles are only a couple of weeks and when they die this is thought to contribute to a build up of bacteria on the surface of the skin.

What if you could cleanse your skin of mites naturally...
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This can lead to significant skin irritation.

Type 2 rosaceans have a much greater number of these mites than normal skin types. Given that those of us with type 2 have have oilier skin than normal, this is a logical next step. 

If we are able to redeuce the number of mites, then the associated irritation, redness and pustules can also be reduced.  

Are There Alternatives?

The short answer is yes.

And what's more, some of these alternatives are all-natural, effective and can be bought over-the-counter.

Oh, and they also don't cost $300.

Herbal preparations have been used by mankind for medicinal purposes for more than 60,000 years, and with so many Americans interested in natural alternatives, it isno surprise that sales in natural treatments are on the rise.

These natural alternatives are often available at the click of a mouse and save on taking time off work to visit a medical professional, along with all the associated hoop-jumping and costs needed to get your hands on Soolantra.

Natural Medication is on the rise, and with good reason.
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Great! What are they? Where can I get my hands on them?

That's where the Finca Skin Organics Type 2 Rosacea Serum comes in.  

The serum works in the same way as Soolantra, by reducing the numbers of the mites living on the face.

However, the serum goes one step further than Ivermectin by also reducing the mties' food supply.

Sulphur is well known for controlling sebum production, and since sebum is the only source of food for demodex mites, it makes lots of sense to add sulphur to our serum and starve them out.

It is a natural ingredient and there have been several scientific trials proving its success in limiting the production of sebum.

Finca's Type 2 Serum, the natural alternative to Soolantra

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2

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The Type 2 Serum Is The Natural, Affordable Alternative to Soolantra

Finca's serum fights type 2 rosacea in not one, but two ways:

1) Firstly, it reduces mite numbers

2) Secondly, it starves them of their food supply through limiting the production of sebum.

This is why the Type 2 Serum is widely known as the over-the-counter natural alternative to the prescription-based Soolantra. It provides effective, affordable, risk-free results.

In fact, we are so confident of the results of our serum, we are offering new customers a 3-month supply for just $99 all in, including shipping and sales tax. 

Just click the button below to claim your 90-days worth of serum.


The Finca Skin Organics founder Finola Fegan is a long-time sufferer of rosacea herself. This means that she has been a keen follower of clinical studies, trials and developments for more than two decades. 

With this knowledge and vested-interest, she formulated the type 2 serum. Her mission was to provide a product of real value to fellow rosacea sufferers like herself, at a price they could afford.

The type 2 serum has delivered proven results for customers all over the world, tackling the problem of acne rosacea in a gentle and natural way.

 Finca has helped rosacea sufferers around the world.
Finca Around The World Find Out How Finca Can Help You

In an ideal world, big-pharma and smaller natural-based companies would work side by side to offer patients viable and affordable healthcare alternatives.

Unfortunately, this world does not exist, and you may well be offered a chemical-based product on prescription by your doctor that could actually be detrimental to you in the long term.

It may act fast, but it could make your body react badly, like with Soolantra, you could risk damaging your sensitive skin. 

Having said this, effective all-natural risk-free treatment does exist, and treatment which you won't have break the bank to afford. 

Why not forgo big pharma and try out the type 2 serum, who knows, it could put you on the path to clear skin...

Finola Fegan

CEO of Finca Skin Organics

Discover Finola's Story

Finol Fegan, Finca CEO and Founder