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Tips and Remedies for Ocular Rosacea

by Finola Fegan |

All you need to know about ocular rosacea

My eyes are stinging just looking at this photograph, but red stinging eyes are the typical symptoms of ocular rosacea. Some of my own story might resonate with you. I always remember having red stinging eyes from when I was a teenager. 

ocular rosacea

I often thought i was just extra tired all the time because tired eyes are also often red and stingy. However as it turned out this was just the early stage of rosacea which would become a real problem for me in my early twenties and this is fairly typical of rosacea in general. 

People with ocular rosacea also develop a sensitivity to light. I wear sunglasses on even the cloudiest of days when I'm driving or outside for prolonged periods. In more advanced cases vision may also be blurred. In severe cases inflammation of the cornea may lead to a potentially blinding corneal ulcer. 

So, if we have the symptoms of ocular rosacea, it is important to look after our eyes. 

So how do we keep our eyes in tip top condition? 

Firstly, as with all rosacea it helps to understand what type we have, type 1 is dry rosacea and can lead to dry gritty eyes. If we have this, then we have naturally low tear production, and so we should treat our eyes daily with artificial tears or eye drops and another thing omega 3 capsules can really help. 

We spend time looking at the latest research and clinical studies and a very recent one (April 2016) with a large sample group looked at the benefits of using daily omega 3 capsules. The results were astounding. The symptoms of dry eyes after 6 months usage dramatically reduced 

Omega 3 typically occurs in fish oils but if you are not getting enough in your typical western diet then we do have them in our store and don't forget that omega 3 is a great general anti-inflammatory, and as so many of our modern illnesses are now thought of as inflammatory related, omega 3 and fish oils in general are a very safe bet and if you need eye drops - yes we have those too. 

In spray or drop form. What if our ocular rosacea looks like this

ocular rosacea

This is usually caused by a blockage of the oil glands or sometimes an infection. most often seen in conjunction with type 2 rosacea - or oily rosacea. If you have this, you should visit your doctor who may subscribe specialist eye drops to clear any infection. 

A warm damp wash cloth placed over the eye a few times a day can help to soften any excess oils and keep the eyes clear of infection. Again, use eye drops after using the wash cloth. In women, this type of ocular rosacea, may be caused by not taking make up off properly, or the use of regular eye makeup removers. If this is the case, give your eyes a break from makeup for a few days (hard to do if you're a makeup fan i know), and use a warm damp cloth as above. 

For very severe cases, and i have read about people doing this on rosacea forums, a few drops of baby shampoo mixed with water in the back of your hand and then use a Q tip to rub the mix along the eyelashes and then rinse with plain water... and one more thing - when we use laptops and phones for prolonged periods, we might not notice, but our blink rate dramatically decreases. 

Blinking is as natural as breathing and just as important for good eye health. When our blink rate reduces, there is less lubrication on the front of the eye. This can affect the health of the cornea and can lead to sight problems later. If your job involves you using a laptop or phone very regularly, your blink rate is a lot lower than it should by. Get yourself some eye drops and protect your future eye sight.