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tips for protecting your rosacea skin this Fall

by Finola Fegan |

As summer has drawn to a close, you have likely swapped your bikinis for raincoats and your sunglasses for scarves. When seasonal changes occur (such as the temperature dropping) your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only area you switch up.

The changes in temperature and subsequently changes in your routine can often cause dermatological changes too. The cooler, drier weather, centrally heated spaces and the indulgence of hot showers and baths can all contribute to and upset dry or rosacea prone skin.

Seasonal shifts can be tricky to deal with but it’s not all doom and gloom. There are certain measures you can take to minimise the consequences on your skin.

Follow these simple skincare tips to keep your skin at its best during the seasonal transition!

1. Dealing with lower humidity

Throughout the autumn and winter months, humidity levels drop creating drier air which is known to suck moisture from the skin. This means there’s a higher chance you will experience dry/flaky skin if you’re prone to eczema, rosacea or other dry skin conditions.

Look for products containing a hefty dose of Hyaluronic Acid which attracts water to skin. This can be found in our Rosacea Type 1 Serum. While this is particularly suited to rosacea sub-type 1 sufferers, Hyaluronic Acid can be useful for all dry skin types at this time of year.

Once your serum is applied, moisture should be then locked in with a heavy duty balm, like our Finca Rosacea Balm.

2. Temperature changes & central heating

Moving from cold brisk weather into warm centrally heated buildings and vice versa can have negative affects on skin such as causing tightness, dryness, flakiness and irritation. This is due to the quick change from cold to hot (or the other way around). Centrally heated air causes the humidity to lower and subsequently the moisture to decrease.

A good way to tackle this could be to invest in an air humidifier for your home or office. Alternatively, bowls of water could be placed near the radiators which is an inexpensive way of achieving the same result.

Going from cold to warm can also cause rapid contraction and expansion of capillaries in the face, leading to facial redness and the breaking of veins. Keeping exacerbations and spider veins at bay can be done by applying a layer of our Finca Rosacea Balm which contains green tea oil, known to reduce redness and irritation.

3. Food With the change in season you can often end up swapping out light salads for hotter, heavier meals.

After a cold, wet day you could feel tempted to go home and indulge in a curry or a hot chocolate to warm yourself up. This is a no-no for rosacea sufferers as spicy and sugary foods, as well as hot beverages can cause flare-ups. Foods high in starchy carbohydrates can also cause breakouts for sufferers of acne and rosacea.

Everyone’s different when it comes to what foods you can eat and what you should avoid. The best way to keep track of what foods contribute to your skin woes is to keep a daily food diary. Allow yourself a couple of treats here and there, just don’t fall into the trap of too much comfort food in the colder months!

4. Showering and bathing

As temperatures begin to plummet, there’s always the temptation to finish off your day with a hot bath or shower. As enticing as this may be, hot baths and showers should be avoided at all costs, instead opting for lukewarm to warm temperatures. Hot water can break down the skins natural protective barrier resulting in dryness and susceptibility to breakouts and flare-ups.

5. Protecting your face

Physically protecting your face will also help to minimise any damage or skin issues. When out and about, try to keep your face covered with a scarf in wintery conditions. This will make the transition from cold to hot less severe as your face will already be warm.

Not forgetting the golden rule, always remember to wear a layer of SPF (30+), rain or shine. Our Finca tinted SPF is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types and will leave you looking sun-kissed year round.

take care of yourselves

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