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The Finca Skin Organics Story

Finca Skin Organics was founded by Finola Fegan as a response to her decades long battle with the skin condition rosacea, and her unsatisfaction at the lack of options for her.

Mission Statement

“To grant those with rosacea access to an all-natural skincare range specifically formulated to alleviate their symptoms and lead them on the way to healthy skin.”

Finola’s Story

I’ve suffered with rosacea since my early 20s, although back then I didn’t realise that’s what I had. I knew my skin felt tight and it was often prone to irritation, especially when I applied any cosmetic products to it.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with rosacea. My skin was red and flushed frequently for long periods of time, I suffered with dryness on my cheeks and nose and my confidence suffered as a result. I tried every cream and serum I could get my hands on, be it €10 or €100, not looking for a miracle cure, just something that didn’t make my rosacea worse!

Due to my constant trouble with cosmetics, I decided to investigate if there was a running theme among the products I was using. I was amazed to discover that:

  1. Many chemicals and additives regularly used in skincare products can cause irritation to and heighten the sensitivity of your skin.

  2. These chemicals are being selected because they make the cosmetic retailers more money - they are cheap and extend its shelf-life.

The Birth of Finca

When I realised that the chemicals involved in these lotions were what was causing my rosacea, I thought I’d found a solution, but it wasn’t that easy. I had thought that with this knowledge, all I needed to do was buy products which did not contain these chemicals. Simple, right?

However, I met a stumbling block – these products did not exist.

At that moment, when I’d began to think that I was never going to find a cosmetic solution for my rosacea, a thought struck me. Why not develop my own? I understood my own skin, I knew what worked and what didn’t, and I knew not to use these irritating chemicals.

This led to me researching organic all-natural ingredients which had the properties to help reduce the symptoms of each type of rosacea. I learned that there were several different types of rosacea, each with their own symptoms and each needing a different kind of treatment.

Eventually, I was able to develop the Finca Skin Organics two flagship products: the Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 1 and the Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2.

The Results

Through using willing volunteers for both ETR (type 1) and acne (type 2) rosacea, myself included, I had developed two products that I could be proud of. They were made up of carefully selected natural ingredients, ranging from the ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid to the anti-inflammatory licorice root, and were free from harmful irritating chemicals.

Not only that, but they worked!

After a few weeks of regular application, my redness and flushing had become so reduced that after six or seven it had all but gone. The results for the type 2 serum were, if anything, even more drastic, eliminating the acne-like breakouts and pustules associated with acne rosacea in only a few weeks.

This spurred me on to develop more treatments for rosacea sufferers, providing both effective treatment for rosacea symptoms and protection from common rosacea triggers.

Through our success, Finca began to grow and we now have a team developing great new ways to effectively combat rosacea and its symptoms. For more information about the treatments we offer, please visit the rosacea treatments page for the full breakdown.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at or using our form on our contact page.

We hope you enjoy our range and find these products work for you, just like me and countless others of our happy customers.


Finola Fegan

CEO of Finca Skin Organics

Finola Fegan, CEO of Finca Skin Organics