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Finca Skin Organics is trusted by thousands who suffer from irritated skin, redness, and rosacea. All of our products are made using minimal, plant-based ingredients. Dermatologically tested by Harley Street London. 100% sustainable skincare for your skin.

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Rosacea Skin Types

Type 1 — ETR rosacea

Flushed face, especially across the nose and cheeks. Sometimes visible blood vessels under the surface of the skin (telangiectasia). Your face may feel tight and irritated continuously and especially after showering

Type 2 — Acne rosacea

Persistent redness of the face, along with acne-like breakouts of pustules or papules. In contrast to acne, there are no blackheads. Patients with this subtype of rosacea may also notice burning and stinging.

Combination of Type 1 & Type 2

Usually subtype 2 on central area of the face & subtype 1 elsewhere. A mix of both red, irritated skin and persistent acne-like spots. Patients with this condition suffer with symptoms of both types of roasacea.

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