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Can I wear makeup if I have rosacea?

Much like skincare, the world of makeup can be overwhelming. There are hundreds if not thousands of products, brands and colors to choose from. And...

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finca skin organics girl why are my eyes dry

Why are my eyes dry

Eye sensitivities in general affect a lot of people. I have experienced sensitivities ever since I can remember and it can be a pain. There are a l...

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Calming Serum 2 for rosacea subtype 2

How to treat rosacea - subtype 2

If you’ve found your way here, the chances are you are looking for some answers or advice on rosacea. Rosacea by nature is a complicated condition ...

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Rosacea skincare tips

If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’ve probably already got a decent understanding of what rosacea is. To give a quick refresher in case...

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Best rosacea forums & resources

Are you just diagnosed with rosacea? That first moment when you’re diagnosed with rosacea can be a whirlwind. You might feel a range of emotions li...

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Rosacea and antibiotics

Antibiotics are most often prescribed for type 2 rosacea, where there is persistent redness and pustules/bumps. In some cases of rosacea type 1 whe...

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Soolantra side effects and alternatives

In the US, the Ivermectin drug Soolantra costs around $432 for a supply of just 30 grams, and is only available on prescription in Ireland. While i...

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Finca's rosacea subtype 2 products

Tretinoin and rosacea

Retinoids are a hot topic in skincare these days. It’s likely you’ve heard some kind of hype about them if you’re into skincare. If you haven’t, si...

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