The Finca Skin Organics Story

After 20+ years of searching in vain for an effective skincare product to soothe her sensitive skin including rosacea, Finola Fegan took matters into her own hands and founded Finca Skin Organics.

Irritation and Redness

I’ve suffered from rosacea since my early 20s, although back then, I didn’t know that’s what it was called. My skin felt tight, my nose was red and shiny and was prone to irritation, especially when I put cosmetics on.

My confidence was badly affected at the time. After I consulted my doctor, I was finally diagnosed with rosacea.

I spent years trying every cream and serum I could get my hands on, across all price ranges. At that stage, I had low expectations, I just wanted to find a product that didn't make my rosacea worse. However, I kept seeing the same thing time and time again, a long list of ingredients.

After extensive research, I discovered that a lot of these ingredients were unnecessary fillers and chemicals. Many of the chemicals and additives used in skincare products can irritate and heighten the sensitivity of your skin. I realised that if I was going to help my skin it would be by using a simple formula with minimal, plant-based ingredients.

I’m an engineer by profession, so I love finding practical solutions, especially to problems that affect me personally. I learned that there are 2 main types of rosacea skin and they are fundamentally different.

Subtype 1 rosacea is characterised by dry and dehydrated skin whereas subtype 2 is an underlying oily skin condition. Hence, an effective skincare routine needs to be matched to the specific subtype and not generalised like many other skincare products for rosacea.

The solution

When I created the first Finca Skin Organics product, I aimed to keep the list of ingredients very short. Dermatologists agree that skincare for sensitive skin issues including rosacea should have a short ingredient list. The products are most useful when formulated without perfumes or essential oils.

From my research, I learned that plant-based ingredients are the best solution, combined with gentle preservatives. I also discovered the link between type 2 rosacea and Demodex mites amongst other interesting findings which led me to create the rosacea blog.

The blog is there to help others who suffer like me. I am not a dermatologist or a medical doctor. I just want to help others as best I can by sharing my experience and by allowing other rosacea sufferers to tell their stories, which I hope will help others like me.

All Finca Skin Organics products have one thing in common, all are made using minimal, plant-based ingredients list, formulated by Finola Fegan, a rosacea sufferer.

The Finca Skin Organics range has undergone a Harley Street clinical study. After using our products, 87% felt the appearance of their skin significantly improved

*Clinical study by Harley St. dermatologists on 23 subjects after 8 weeks of use

Finola Fegan the founder of Finca Skincare

Finola Fegan

Founder & CEO of Finca Skin Organics

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