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"I developed rosacea out of the blue a few years ago"

I had no idea why my face burnt and throbbed constantly. It had suddenly gone from a perfect, clear complexion to outbreaks of spots on my cheeks and red puffiness all over.

After a lot of research, I cut out the irritating foods. This only reduced the symptoms a little. I still had constant burning skin that felt terrible all the time. Back I went to my research which lead me here, to Finca Skin Organics.

Thanks to the wonderful information on the website I instantly bought the Apple cider vinegar and oregano oil tablets along with the type 1 serum; they were a game-changer! My skin went from unbearably hot and frustrated and now I don't even think about it. My skin calmed down so much that the redness has gone, the spots are gone and I wear no make-up. Thank you so much Finca for literally changing my life!" — 30s, Female

"I now realise I have had Rosacea most of my life"

Red patches on my face and patches of dry skin that no creams were able to improve; I have tried many and price makes no difference! It was in the first lockdown of Covid in early 2020 the spots started erupting.

My daughter said, “Mum I thought it was teenagers that suffered lots of spots, not someone your age!” I had been trying to clear my spotty face with various treatments and antibiotics for years with absolutely no success, in fact, often making it worse.

I mentioned it to my friend in Slovakia by email. She asked me to send photos of my face and she would speak to a skin specialist she knows. I did and this specialist said immediately that I had Rosacea type 2. I was delighted to get a diagnosis.

Although she gave me recommendations of treatments I should try, I then did my own research and found Finola. She had suffered for many years and had decided to make her own recipes for products & creams. I followed her recommendations and amazingly my face cleared. I take the Apple cider vinegar tablets every morning and use theRosacea type 2 creamnight and morning as recommended. It worked in three weeks, unbelievable! I can still feel the small bumps under the skin but they don’t erupt into full-blown spots anymore. My skin is clear. It is fantastic. It makes me feel so good." - Female

"I have suffered from Acne and later Rosacea for 30 years+"

I tried Antibiotics and lotions with some success however since using Finca over the last 12 months my complexion has improved nearly 90%. It has really improved my self-confidence and I feel ready to take on the world. I would firmly recommend this product to fellow sufferers and wish I had known about it earlier. Thank you." - 53, Male, UK

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