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"Just a little thank you for your fantastic type 2 finca product. It has definitely improved my skin and I feel very confident using it. I think it’s the tea tree oil smell which I love too. Not wanting to sound cheesy, but I have tried all the products cheap and expensive and can honestly say yours is my favourite."

 "I have suffered with Rosacea for a few years now. After trying many products, some very expensive, I came across this website. Once I read all the information, I purchased the type 2 cream. I followed the instructions and was so amazed and pleased at the results. It's taken a long time, but I'm now at the point where I now only need to use the cream/serum a few times a week. I'm so thankful that there are products like this out there. " - 40s

 "I developed rosacea out of the blue a few years ago. I had no idea why my face burnt and throbbed constantly. It had suddenly gone from a perfect, clear complexion to outbreaks of spots on my cheeks and red puffiness all over. After a lot of research, I cut out the irritating foods. This only reduced the symptoms a little. I still had constant burning skin that felt terrible all the time. Back I went to my research which lead me here, to Finca Skin Organics. Thanks to the wonderful information on the website I instantly bought the Apple cider vinegar and oregano oil tablets along with the type 1 serum; they were a game-changer! My skin went from unbearably hot and frustrated and now I don't even think about it. My skin calmed down so much that the redness has gone, the spots are gone and I wear no make-up. Thank you so much Finca for literally changing my life!" - 30s, Female

 "I started using Finca type 2 serum earlier this year, after about a month I noticed a big improvement. I recommend other Males suffering from rosacea to try Finca products. " - 50, Male

 "I now realise I have had Rosacea most of my life, red patches on my face and patches of dry skin that no creams were able to improve; I have tried many and price makes no difference! It was in the first lockdown of Covid in early 2020 the spots started erupting. My daughter said, “Mum I thought it was teenagers that suffered lots of spots, not someone your age!” I had been trying to clear my spotty face with various treatments and antibiotics for years with absolutely no success, in fact, often making it worse. I mentioned it to my friend in Slovakia by email. She asked me to send photos of my face and she would speak to a skin specialist she knows. I did and this specialist said immediately that I had Rosacea type 2. I was delighted to get a diagnosis. Although she gave me recommendations of treatments I should try, I then did my own research and found Finola. She had suffered for many years and had decided to make her own recipes for products & creams. I followed her recommendations and amazingly my face cleared. I take the Apple cider vinegar tablets every morning and use the Rosacea type 2 cream night and morning as recommended. It worked in three weeks, unbelievable! I can still feel the small bumps under the skin but they don’t erupt into full-blown spots anymore. My skin is clear. It is fantastic. It makes me feel so good." - Female

 "I have been dealing with acne rosacea for good 2 years before I discovered Finca Skin Organics, ever since, my skin has greatly improved. First I went to a dermatologist, following a lot of tests I was diagnosed with acne rosacea. I then had some medical treatments but they never worked.

I started to do a lot of research about skin conditions, I was looking for natural treatments and came across Finca Skin Organics. I’m now using one of the Finca skin packages for my daily and evening routine paired with a special diet. I’m very happy with my skincare now, Finca has helped my skin a lot. I have got my skin back, no hot flushes, no red spots, no rash, no-itchy eyes. I highly recommend the Finca products but also search for a diet that suits you too." - 34, Female

 "Just before the Coronavirus lockdown, I started having problems with my skin, especially on my face.

I am 76, and always had a good clear complexion, but started to get red, angry patches on my face, with little pustules appearing too - like teenage acne!
My GP had decided to start me on a low dose of thyroxine as a thyroid test showed I was on the margin for hypothyroidism. When I showed her my skin she just said to use E-45!
Never! said I to myself, and began researching material on the internet until I came to Finca Skin Organics.
I ordered the Serum and it made such a difference almost immediately, the red angry patches and little spots were gone. It also took away the "hot" feeling that was a nuisance.
With the product, a little goes a long way so I used it twice a day or more to begin with, and now use it once a day, unless I have a bad day, which is unusual.
I also broke my leg recently and the plasters caused an itch with a horrible rash, and the serum worked to calm that too.
The serum always sits on my dressing-table, and I really feel it has been excellent for my problems. "- 76

 "Your products are the only thing so far that I can tolerate on my skin at the height of a flushing attack. The facial oil is soothing, and the moisturiser is light and non-irritating. Creams prescribed by the doctor seem to make things worse, and I’ve tried many other organic products with no success. So I am very grateful that you’re making them!"

 "I have suffered from Acne and later Rosacea for 30 years +. I tried Antibiotics and lotions with some success however since using Finca over the last 12 months my complexion has improved nearly 90%. It has really improved my self-confidence and I feel ready to take on the world. I would firmly recommend this product to fellow sufferers and wish I had known about it earlier. Thank you." - 53, Male, UK

 "I was diagnosed with Rosacea 5 years ago. My face was red and angry. Horrible spots came and went. I lost confidence. Had course after course of antibiotics and was at the end of my tether. I started using Finca Skin Organics. Over a relatively short period my skin settled. Now, my Rosacea seems to be gone thanks to using Finca products" - 70s

 "I was diagnosed with Acne Rosacea in my late 30’s. I struggled for years trying to manage my condition especially as I can't take antibiotics long-term. I have tried so many prescribed treatments, over-the-counter treatments, and creams. I have also been to a skin clinic where I tried various treatments including light therapy and mild peels; sadly all to no avail and at times expensive.

I was constantly trawling the internet looking for my next products to try. I came across Finca in one of my many searches and found their information about Rosacea a revelation even before I even tried the products.
I’ve been told by GP's I have Acne (Type 2) Rosacea, however, when reading the Finca website I felt that my symptoms are more Type 1 / ETR. I have a lot of redness and flushing/burning on my cheeks. I avoid the usual triggers e.g. I don’t drink alcohol & only have 1-2 caffeine drinks a day, I don’t eat spicy foods and I wear SPF50 but I still have redness and burning.
I purchased the bundle for Type 1 and started using the products over the summer. Wow! I didn’t have a single flushing or burning episode while I was using them. I was even in some very difficult situations where I was extremely stressed and angry which would normally be a trigger and my skin remained calm even though I wasn't. My redness reduced considerably. Stupidly I was late ordering my next supply and within a few days, the burning started to return so I was relieved when my order arrived within a couple of days and my skin calmed again. For example, during a very hot sunny afternoon, I ended up chasing a lost dog for 2 hours, although I was extremely hot and bothered, again my skin stayed calm!
I have found during the Coronavirus pandemic that wearing a face mask was causing irritation but again the Finca treatment is helping reduce this.
On the rare occasion, I have the Acne Rosacea “bump” I purchase the serum for Type 2 to treat that area as needed, and again, it is calmed quickly.
I use the ETR serum and balm twice a day with the suncream in the mornings and top up when needed. I find the SPF suncream is just enough as a natural-looking concealer but still gives me full protection from the weather. However, when I want to wear more makeup I use the suncream as a base and then apply some makeup suitable for Rosacea sufferers. This is not a cure but I can manage my Rosacea a lot better. I have a lot more confidence in dealing with my condition and particularly when going out I feel less embarrassed about my skin.

I am pleased with the Finca range of products and also the information available from their website, it has given me the best results in calming my redness and stopping the burning episodes. The products are easy to order, beautifully packaged, and arrive quickly. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you to Finca." - 50s, Female, UK

 "I have spent my adult life ashamed of my skin and unable to find a solution, until last year.

My skin has always been red, blotchy, and constantly flushing. It has caused me embarrassment and unhappiness. I never understood why and I spent countless amounts of money on various, often expensive, beauty products, believing they would cure my condition. Whenever I tried facials, I would emerge with my face aflame but was told my skin was merely “touch-sensitive”.
During the Coronavirus lockdown, I decided to research my skin type to try and find a product that helps. I realised my skin was crying out for a pure, natural moisturiser instead of the perfumed products that are packed with chemicals that I had been using. Then I found Finca Skin Organics and never looked back. As soon as I started using the serum and balm, my skin felt calm, soft, and refreshed. My skin is no longer red or tight-feeling, and I feel confident without foundation for the first time in my adult life. I wish I discovered these products earlier, I will never use another product ever again." - 50s, Female

 "I was diagnosed with rosacea in 2018. I’m very conscious of my skin and my face, working in a public environment for the NHS I felt I had to keep apologising for my bright red raw skin. I’m fair-skinned, so I was used to red skin, but the lumps and the pustules were really unfamiliar territory for me. I was prescribed medicated cream and told that it would take 5/6 weeks to start to work, and if it didn’t, I would be offered Steroids. That news filled me with dread, the doctor also used the word ‘chronic’ which was a big blow, it meant it was here to stay.

I didn’t want to be reliant on medicated creams so I began researching online to find out all I could. It is very much a personal journey for all of us with Rosacea to find out what triggers the flare-ups and how we manage the external factors like weather, food etc. When it came to the skin, I needed more guidance with that which is where the Finca Skin Organics range comes in. The products have so much information about what they can do for your skin, how they work and the ingredients that are used. There are no false promises made, it is just good, honest guidance about managing skin. I find the fewer ingredients I put on my skin the happier it is. I feel much more comfortable and confident in my own skin, to the point that I only wear the tinted sunscreen in the range and mix it with the serum type 1 so it’s very light on the skin. I don’t use loads of heavy makeup for full coverage anymore and my skin thanks me for it. I love the fact that it has sun protection built-in. I use the Type 2 serum every night and it works for me. I still have flare-ups, but the redness and the rawness are gone. My skin looks clean and calmer, and nowhere near as blotchy as it did. I have had some lovely comments from family and friends who have seen my skin before and after, and I feel way more in control of how I look. Thanks to Finca, me and my skin are happy. "- 50, Female

 "I developed my type 2 rosacea at the age of 17. My optician brought my attention to my ocular rosacea and mentioned that the Demodex mites could also be the reason for the redness and spots on my nose and cheeks. After trying a number of products, my mum discovered Finca Skin Organics along with good reviews so she purchased the Type 2 serum for me. After 2 months of use, my rosacea had completely cleared up and remains clear with continued use. I have been using the product now for around 3 years and will continue to purchase it for many years to come!" - 20, Female, UK

 "My skin has been a struggle since my twenties and it was only after a diagnosis from my GP in my late thirties of Acne Rosacea that I started to seek help. I researched triggers related to diet and identified what foods made my skin flare-up. I stumbled across Finca Skin Organics online and have been using their acne rosacea cream ever since. My acne has cleared up and my redness has tamed considerably. I only need to use a small amount and it makes a big difference. I wouldn't be without Finca products now and would highly recommend them to anyone with similar rosacea struggles. " - Karen, Mid-40s, Female, Ireland

 "I developed type 2 Acne Rosacea, following menopause. I had very red cheeks that always felt hot and itchy. I started getting acne-like breakouts, particularly on my forehead, nose, and chin. I had tried a few products which claimed to relieve or clear up the symptoms, but they didn't work and in some instances made the symptoms worse. I came across Finca Skin Organics when searching again for yet another product. Once I started using the serum it only took a week or so to calm the hotness and redness along with the pustules which also cleared up quickly. I have been using this product for over a year. I use it in the evenings, particularly on my forehead, around my nose, and my chin. I'm using it less as time goes on because the symptoms are no longer causing me problems but I still use the moisturizer daily. If I do happen to get a flare-up I use the serum twice a day and it clears things again. I am so delighted to have found a product that works, and that it is made in Ireland. The order always arrives promptly, within days of purchase. I highly recommend the products." - Tracey, mid-50s, Female, Ireland

 "I was on contraception for my skin (what looked like acne and redness) from my late teens into my mid-twenties, though it was never perfect. When I stopped the contraception, my skin got progressively worse again. It was sore and dry no matter what products I used. I wore make-up every day to try to cover up the redness which made it worse. My rosacea isn’t medically diagnosed but I’ve had many beauticians point it out over the years. I found Finca in mid-2020 and haven’t used any other products since. I use the Type 1 serum and balm twice a day. My skin still isn’t perfect but it’s much less red, doesn’t hurt anymore, I have less spots and I have regained some confidence. It’s great to have two reliable products that I know work and suit my skin. I would highly recommend these to anyone that is considering trying them" - Rebecca, Late 20s, Female, Ireland


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