Enjoying Christmas With Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

Enjoying Christmas With Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

A lot of us with sensitive skin/facial redness including rosacea have a love/hate relationship with the Christmas period. We wanted to put together a couple of tips that can help you to enjoy Christmas and avoid the flare-ups where possible.

Party wisely

We all know alcohol can be dehydrating, and dehydration can lead to flushing and redness. A good tip is to alternate your drinks with water, having a full glass between every alcoholic drink. 

Another tip is to avoid red wine and beer. Red wine is notorious for causing flare-ups. Try organic white wine. Add soda water to it If possible.  Clear spirits and non sugary mixers like vodka and soda water can be a safer option.

Try to avoid spice. Watch out for appetizers or dressings that contain chilis or spices. This also Includes spiced alcoholic drinks like spiced rum ( im thinking Captain Morgans ) My mother has good skin, not sensitive and no rosacea, but Captain Morgans and coke gives her a noticeably rosey glow. So imagine what it can do to sensitive rosacea skin !!

Also Avoid very hot drinks. The usual rules apply. Warm rather than scalding hot is best

Be mindful of your environment

Switching temperatures from hot to cold and vice versa isn’t good on the skin. Central heating and open fires can make the air super dry, which is no good for rosacea sufferers. Keep your distance from open fires… Move away from radiators…

My top tip, that I do myself every Winter ? …put wet towels on top of radiators… It stops the air from drying out and your skin will thank you for it.

(if drying washing on radiators, please don’t use harsh detergents ) 

When traveling in the car, be mindful of the heating level and close the vents. Try not to let hot air blow directly into your face. Direct the heat to the front window or to your feet..

Making sure your face is covered as much as possible when out and about is important, as the cold itself can be harsh and triggering. Making use of a beanie or headband to cover your forehead a bit and a scarf to cover your mouth and nose is wise. It will also make the transition into the warmth less dramatic. That’s often when your face is reddest.

The other thing is to layer up. Think of wearing a few layers (rather than one heavy sweater and a heavy coat)  that can be easily removed to cool down when inside. 

These things can help keep your temperature controlled and reduce flushes.


Switch to chemical and perfume free products if you don’t do that already.

The less products and ingredients you use the better. Many people tend to do the opposite - trying to get clearer skin for the party season with facials, exfoliants and face masks. But this can do more harm than good, so keep it simple. 

If you’re having a facial, tell the therapist that you have rosacea. Also don’t be afraid if you smell lavender or any strong smells from the products being used, to tell the therapist to take them off your face. .your skin will thank you for it.

Stay on top of your skincare. Using a gentle cleanser, a good heavy moisturizer, a calming serum (we make serums suitable for rosacea types 1 and 2), and SPF every single day will be really helpful over the festive period. 

Skincare products are also a really popular gift, but for us we need to be really careful. Unless someone knows you well enough to buy something rosacea-friendly with a very short ingredients list, you’re better off regifting it. 

De-stress where possible

Remember that you can't do everything yourself and delegate some tasks.  Christmas is always better when its shared…be kind to yourself.

Have a happy and holy Christmas 



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