How to control rosacea over the Christmas holidays

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How to control rosacea over the Christmas holidays

You are in good company when it comes to rosacea this Christmas. Renee Zelwegger, Cameron Diaz, Bill Clinton, Alex Ferguson, and the man himself, Santa, all suffer from rosacea too.

Rosacea triggers during the winter and Christmas

There are three main triggers of Rosacea at Christmas, these include:

  • Alcohol
  • Warm fires & central heating
  • Cold weather outdoors

Humidity is the biggest factor; the cold air outdoors holds less moisture and while indoors, the heating will also dry out the air.

Pair this with alcohol, and all three will contribute more to your hot, flushed, stinging skin.

From my own experience, my parent's house is always extremely warm during the winter months. The central heating is never off and within twenty minutes of visiting, I can feel my face beginning to tighten.
Sure enough, glancing in the mirror I am confronted with growing redness and irritated-looking skin. 

Combat rosacea triggers in the winter and at Christmas

There are a few simple strategies that can keep your festive spirits high without compromising your complexion.

  1. Reduce the heat 
    When in your own home, turn down the temperature and keep your distance from any lit fires. Turn down the heat when traveling in the car and close the vents, don't let hot air blow into your face.
    Put a container of water on each radiator or place your washing on the radiators to dry. This will definitely help those with type 1 rosacea

  2. Cover up from the cold
    When outside, cover up. Place a scarf as high up on your face as possible covering the nose to protect your skin from the harsh, dry air. 

  3. Water and Wine!  
    Alcohol causes dehydration and dehydration leads to rosacea flare-ups. Try alternate between alcohol and water if you do decide to have a drink over the Christmas period.
    Avoid red wine as it is the most likely to trigger a flare-up.

  4. Moisturise regularly 
    Use a heavier moisturiser or add our Calming Serum 1 to your usual moisturiser or try our moisturising balm; an ultra moisturising balm that soothes replenishes & protects the skin barrier.

Here’s to all of you who take a few moments to read our blog. Hopefully, you find it helpful.
May you all have a happy Christmas and I look forward to talking to you all in the New Year.

With love from Ireland

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