How to use Finca Skin Organics products

how to use finca skin organics products rosacea treatment

Figuring out which are the best products for your sensitive skin can be a pain.

I’ve been there, worn the t-shirt, and know what you’re going through!
Discovering what exactly is causing your irritation takes a lot of patience, trial, and error. It’s expensive and time-consuming. If you have a skin condition on top of sensitivity it becomes even more complicated.

Here at Finca Skin Organics we specialise in products that help sensitive skin and rosacea. All of our products are formulated by myself, a rosacea sufferer and have been tested by Harley Street Dermatologists*.

I founded the company in 2016, after years of searching for a product that could ease the discomfort of my own rosacea. I was tired of products containing harsh chemicals and additives which only increased my skin's sensitivity.

After a lot of research, I decided to bring it back to basics and create my own, all-natural, plant-based range. I found plant-based ingredients with gentle preservatives were the way to go, combined with a short ingredients list, which is recommended by dermatologists for those with sensitive skin. 

That is why all my products have a minimal ingredient list, and all of the ingredients are plant-based. You can read more about my founders story here.

Calming Serum 1

This is the first skincare product that I ever made and is suitable for subtype 1 rosacea sufferers.

After being diagnosed with subtype 1 rosacea in my twenties, I couldn’t find anything on the market which I wanted to use long-term. I was on and off medication, searching for something soothing and chemical-free for those off periods. I was fed up with what was available, which led to me formulating this serum; and the birth of Finca Skin Organics!

For my first formulation, I knew I wanted a clean product, with no chemicals that would help soothe this skin and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Who needs Calming Serum 1?

If the skin on your face typically feels tight and dry or is accompanied by redness, this serum can help. 

Benefits of Calming Serum 1

When creating Calming Serum 1, I used ingredients that help to reduce redness and soothe that tight feeling. These include organic Rosehip oil and Hyaluronic acid. 

This serum helps to reduce redness and that tight feeling so many people experience. It helps to reduce water loss and in turn helps repair your skin's protective barrier.
When using the serum your skin should feel different within a couple of days. You should start to notice visible differences within a week.
Our serum also includes:
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • An Eco Cert approved preservative

How to apply

Gently shake the bottle before use to blend the natural oils and hyaluronic acid. Apply a few drops in the morning to a damp face and massage in. Reapply throughout the day (and night) as needed.

Calming Serum 2

This was the second addition to my Finca range. After a positive response to the Calming Serum 1, I got requests to make something to help with underlying oily skin types.

I wanted to target the other side of rosacea, subtype 2, which has the typical redness associated with rosacea, but also paired with acne-like breakouts and bumps called pustules.

Who needs Calming Serum 2?

This serum is formulated for facial skin that is very red, uncomfortable and accompanied by acne-like breakouts called pustules.
This is often localised around the cheeks and nose. 

Benefits of Calming Serum 2

Calming Serum 2 is a localised serum, to be applied to problem areas.
It was made to relieve redness, swelling, excess oil, and bumps.

This serum has become our most popular product, with users experiencing great results after just 3-4 weeks of use.
I made sure to avoid azelaic acid, parabens and perfumes when creating this. 
Our serum includes:
  • Zinc oxide to calm and soothe
  • Liquorice root to reduce redness
  • Tea tree oil and oil of oregano have antimicrobial benefits
  • Sulphur to manage acne-like breakouts

How to apply

The serum should be used in the morning and last thing at night.
As we know that with rosacea, and other mite-related sensitivity, demodex mites become active at night.
Apply directly to affected areas including bumps, blemishes, and troubled skin.
It can be used on its own or under moisturiser, sunscreen, or makeup.

Moisturising Balm

I wanted to make a product that could be used on all skin types. Something complimentary to the serums that soothes, hydrates and includes protection from the sun. Que the Finca Skin Organics Moisturising balm

Who needs our moisturising balm?

This balm is suitable for all skin types, anyone who is looking for a rich, nourishing moisturiser. 

Benefits of the balm

Our moisturising balm can be used on its own, or with one of our calming serums to lock in the goodness while reducing water loss.
The blend of ingredients used was designed to improve the skin barrier function which also reduces redness on the face. This includes organic plant oils such as rosehip and raspberry seed for hydration and UV protection.
We also put in a small amount of beeswax for its soothing and calming properties. 

How to apply

Apply a small amount of balm in the morning to clean, damp skin and last thing at night.
If using alongside a serum, wait a minute before applying balm on top of the serum.

Tinted SPF 30 Sunscreen

Every good skincare routine should include an SPF as standard. This is a fact that any dermatologist will tell you.

Whether you have sensitive skin or not and live in a cold or warm climate, your skin needs protection from UV rays. If you suffer from a sensitive skin condition like rosacea, UV light can be a major trigger. It certainly was for me and incorporating a good SPF into my routine was tricky.

I found there were a lot more chemical sunscreens on the market than physical ones. And the physical ones I found still had a lot of questionable ingredients. The majority of sunscreens on the market today have at least 25 ingredients. Ours has only 7, making it perfect for sensitive skin types.

Benefits of our SPF

Our Tinted SPF 30 Sunscreen is physical. It sits on top of the skin, unlike chemical sunscreens which penetrate the skin.
Physical sunscreens are recommended by dermatologists for people with sensitive skin.

We also decided to add a tint to balance out redness while offering protection against UVAs/UVBs. The tint is available in 2 colours, and is a great base for if you’re wearing makeup. On the other hand, it gives a nice coverage for makeup free days.
We decided on non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient. Zinc oxide sunscreen is the most natural broad-spectrum sunscreen available and is the safest form of UV protection.

How to apply

Shake well before using, to make sure the tint is evenly distributed.
Use all year round, and apply 15-20 minutes before going outside.
Make sure you reapply regularly, especially after swimming and exercising. 

Green Tinted Anti-Redness Primer

The final product in our Finca Skin Organics range is our green tinted primer.
I created this originally for my own benefit being a long-standing subtype 1 rosacea sufferer. If you look at a colour chart, green is the opposite of red making it a good neutralising colour.

Who needs our primer?

It’s suitable for sensitive skin types, for both men and women who suffer from facial redness and are looking for something clean and subtle to tone it down. 

Benefits of our primer

In our short ingredients list, you’ll find zinc oxide in there to reduce redness and prevent further irritation from UVs. 
Licorice root extract and cucumber seed oil have been added to soothe the skin. You’ll also find green tea for its active plant polyphenols and cooling effect and of course, we added in a good dose of iron oxide which acts as the green tint. 

How to apply

Application of the primer is pretty simple. Apply a small amount to areas where redness is an issue.
The tinted primer can be used on it's own or under makeup.
Leave to set for 1 minute if you’re applying a foundation on top. And that’s it - your redness should have a much calmer appearance!

If you have any queries regarding your rosacea or how to use our products get in contact with us, we'd love to hear from you.

View the range of Finca skin organics products here or find out what rosacea subtype your skin is.


With love from Ireland,


*Clinical evaluation by Harley St. dermatologists on 23 subjects after 8 weeks of use.

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