Finca Skin Organics common triggers of rosacea flare ups  subtype 1 rosacea subtype 2

Common triggers of rosacea flare-ups

There are many factors that contribute to facial redness and rosacea flare-ups. As rosacea sufferers, it’s a battle we fight every day, trying to r...

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Finca Skin Organics what is rosacea ETR rosacea subtype 1 acne rosacea subtype 2

What is rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition that affects the skin by causing redness, visible blood vessels, and/or small acne-like bumps. It mainly affects the ...

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Finca Skin Organics what is acne rosacea subtype 2 rosehip natural ingredients

What is ETR rosacea subtype 1

Stepping into the world of rosacea can be confusing. I know because I've been there. My name is Finola, the founder of Finca Skin Organics and I ha...

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Finca Skin Organics what is acne rosacea subtype 2 calming serum 2 ingredients

What is acne rosacea subtype 2

Different subtypes, causes, treatments; it can be a bit overwhelming at the start.   That’s certainly how I felt at first, so you’re definitely not...

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demodex mites and rosacea subtype 2 acne finca skin organics natural ingedients

Demodex mites and rosacea

You might be asking yourself “what are Demodex mites and what do they have to do with rosacea?” It’s a good question and not the nicest of thought...

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why is my nose red rosacea serum subtype 3 whiskey nose how to cure my red nose

Why is my nose red

Have you ever found yourself wondering why is my nose always redder than the rest of my face? We might have the answer!  Causes of...

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Why is my face red and sore

Why is my face red and sore

Chances are, you’re having some irritation, pain or redness on your face if you've made your way to this blog.   We’ve pretty much all been there a...

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rosacea treatment finca skin organics products subtype 1 ETR

Rosacea treatment for ETR subtype 1

If you’ve found yourself here, you might have a feeling you’ve got rosacea. I’ve been there. Realising I’m blushing and red a bit more than the ave...

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